What to Consider When Hiring a Slip and Fall Attorney in Georgia (Part A)

A slip and fall accident as a result of another's negligence demands a slip and fall attorney. In Georgia, it is crucial to hire an attorney with experience and at the right price if you have been injured. A slip and fall attorney in Villa Rica can help you sort through the particulars of your case, whether the misfortune happened in Carroll or Douglas counties or anywhere in the state of Georgia.

Finding an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney in Georgia

When hiring a slip and fall attorney in Villa Rica or elsewhere in Georgia, you first should determine how much experience the attorney actually has had
. Find out how many cases of this kind the law office has handled and how successfully the outcomes were. Knowing an attorney's scorecard when it comes to slip and fall accidents is key.

It also is valuable to know how familiar the attorney is with personal injury and premises liability law
. The odds are in your favor if you hire a slip and fall attorney in Georgia who has a complete understanding of these laws.

Cost of Hiring a Slip and Fall Attorney

Generally, slip and fall attorneys are paid for their representation on a contingency basis. This means the attorney's fees are calculated as a percentage of your award. This percentage could be based on your gross award - prior to deducted expenses -- or net award - after expenses are deducted. This is important for you to know prior to hiring an attorney.

Additionally, you may want to determine if the final contingency fee is negotiable. For many attorneys in this line of work, the fees are not fixed.

Another point to consider is what the final settlement amount may be. Contacting and securing a slip and fall attorney in Georgia with a proven track record in wins and awards could mean a larger settlement for you.

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