If you're pursuing a Georgia injury claim for your injuries and have been offered a settlement, there are a lot of things you'll have to consider before agreeing to the offer. With everything that happens after a Georgia injury, legal help is often useful to give you piece of mind as you focus on recovery. If you're working with a Forest Park injury law firm, your attorney can help you understand the small print and determine if it's a fair settlement.

Understanding Personal Injury Settlements

Most personal injury cases never go to court; instead, they're generally handled through mediation or arbitration. When a claim is handled in this manner, both parties work with an unbiased third party and try to come to an agreement.

There are several reasons that an injury case might not go to trial, such as:

  • a low chance of success;
  • the plaintiff wanting to avoid the long trial process;
  • a fair settlement offer;
  • fear of the unknown; and
  • the overall cost of a trial. 

Considering Important Factors

If you've been offered a settlement for your Georgia injury claim, you'll have to consider carefully whether the offer is fair in comparison to your injuries. Take your time in evaluating the offer and important aspects of your case: 

  • your overall goals in the case;
  • the minimum amount of money you're willing to accept;
  • your insurance coverage, as well as the other party's coverage;
  • intangible damages such as pain and suffering;
  • financial issues such as taxes and lawyer's fees; and
  • what you're willing to concede in order to settle the case. 

If you're not already working with an attorney, consult with someone before you settle. There are likely factors you haven't yet considered, and the last thing you want to do is accept a lower settlement than you're entitled to.

If you were injured in Georgia, contact a Forest park injury law firm for legal counsel to help you work towards a settlement for your claim.

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