What to Do If a Recall Has Been Issued on Children’s Toys or Equipment

The most important thing is to immediately stop using the product, even if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. There is no point taking a risk. Of course, if your child was seriously or fatally injured, this recall information can help establish product liability.

Check to see what the remedy is, which may include:

  • returning the product and getting your money back;
  • receiving a free replacement; or
  • getting a repair kit.

But if you’re a parent whose child was injured, this may be the last thing on your mind. If you believe the toy or equipment caused the child’s injuries, it’s important to contact an attorney.

Product liability cases can be very complicated, so gathering as much information and documentation as possible will be critical in building a strong case. Whatever you do, keep the product.

Don’t return it or have it repaired. Don’t try to fix it yourself. Along with the recall notice, you will need the product in the exact state it was at the time of the child’s injury so that it can be used as evidence.

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