Diagnosing PTSD in Children

When you take your child to your physician, he or she will ask you about the symptoms and collect your child’s medical and family history. A doctor can diagnose it if the following things are true.

  • Your child displays three or more symptoms of PTSD
  • The symptoms have lasted more than one month
  • The symptoms have interfered with your child’s life

Your doctor may then refer your child to a mental health professional who specializes in children. There are treatments available that can help your child manage and overcome PTSD.

Treatments and regular visits to the psychiatrist can become expensive. If your child was injured in an accident that another party caused or contributed to (such as a car accident or a defective amusement park ride), you can include mental health treatments on your child's injury claim to recover damages.

Filing a Claim for PTSD

If your child has developed PTSD after an accident, call the Law Office of Jason Schultz for a free case evaluation. Contact our office today at 404-474-0804 to see if you qualify to file a negligence claim for your child.

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