When you are pursuing a personal injury claim, you should do everything you can to preserve it. If you don’t, there is the risk that it could be denied or your compensation could be drastically reduced. If you need help with this in Atlanta, a personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Jason Schultz may be able to help.

Preserving Your Atlanta Personal Injury Claim

One of the first ways you can preserve your claim is to seek immediate medical treatment. Refusing to be treated or delaying it can make it difficult to convince the insurance company later on that you have been injured.

Although your injuries may appear to be minor, you could have suffered greater damage than you realize. Sometimes shock from an accident prevents a victim from realizing the pain they are in. Or you could have internal injuries, such as bleeding or organ damage.

Not only is it important to be treated for your injuries for health reasons but this will also provide evidence. If you hope to recover financial losses stemming from medical bills or missed time from work, you will need documentation of the injuries you have sustained.

Another way you can preserve your claim is to take pictures of the accident. If you are unable to, try to enlist the help of a family member or friend.

To help determine liability, take photos of: 
  • the damaged vehicles;
  • the scene of the accident;
  • road signs; and
  • weather conditions.  

These photographs could be used as evidence later on.

You can also preserve your claim by getting the contact information of any witnesses to the accident. You may need their testimony later on. So try to obtain their name and phone number.

Although a police report can help in determining fault, the witnesses may be able to provide information that adds to your case. If witnesses have their own pictures of the accident scene, ask for copies.

An attorney can help you gather the evidence and statements you may need to reach a fair settlement in Atlanta. Consult with a personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Jason Schultz today at 404-474-0804.

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