When it comes to operating a store or managing property, there are two things that property owners must take into consideration.  The first is the safety of their customers.  The second is the security of their customers.  Safety and Security.  Some property owners do a decent job of protecting customers and the public from hazardous conditions while they are inside the premises, but do little to protect customers as they exit the premises and enter into parking lots, which has led to a rise in criminal activity, assaults, robberies.

Security negligence falls under the umbrella of premises liability law and refers to the duty of property owners to ensure that their customers' security is not compromised while they are on the property owner's premises, including the property itself and property parking lots and facilities.  In order to protect it customers, property owners should install security cameras and proactively implement security measures like having security staff onsite to patrol and provide a safety presence, especially in high crime areas.

By being proactive and taking their customers' safety into account, property owners will not only ensure that their customers have a safe shopping experience, but also that they are not subjected to a security negligence lawsuits.  Additionally, property owners will ensure that their customers are not attacked or vandalized while they are on their property.

When Georgia property owners fail to implement appropriate security measures, and a customer is injured or killed, the customer and their loved ones may have the right to file a security negligence lawsuit against the property owner.  The customer and his/her family may then be allowed to ask for money damages for the injuries and emotional trauma or death that was caused by the lack of security on the property.
Jason R. Schultz
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