Premises Injury Liability Attorneys in Atlanta Talk Hazardous Waste Injuries and Illness (Part A)

It’s important to talk with premises injury liability attorneys in Atlanta if you believe that contact with or exposure to hazardous waste or materials caused you or a loved one to suffer injuries. When there has been a serious or fatal premises accident injury, it could lead to compensation through a premises liability claim. 

What is hazardous waste? 

Certain substances and chemicals have the potential to cause problems in the environment and our health. If they are improperly disposed of, they become hazardous waste. 

What makes hazardous waste dangerous is that exposure to it could lead to illness or injury. This type of property injury could occur at a private residence, store, or another type of business. 

What are some types of hazardous waste? 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlines four types of hazardous waste. One is toxic materials. If absorbed through the skin or swallowed, they could cause serious or fatal injuries. Common types of toxic material include household cleaners and pesticides. 

Corrosive materials are those that can wear away at an object or substance. Acids are an example of a poisonous corrosive material. Vapors from acids may burn the eyes or skin, causing serious injury. 

Another category of hazardous waste is reactive materials. When combined with certain other chemicals, these substances may explode or emit poisonous gas. The EPA provides the example of ammonia mixing with chlorine bleach to create a poisonous gas. 

The fourth category mentioned is ignitable materials, which may cause a fire. Not only is there the risk of being burned, but the vapors can be harmful to the eyes, lungs and skin. 

Some examples of ignitable materials include: 

  • furniture polish;
  • gasoline; and
  • paint. 

A property accident can happen when an individual comes into direct contact with a hazardous material and is injured as a result. But the harmful effects can also be released into water, the air or land, with the potential to spread. If you’re concerned that you were the victim of a premises accident injury, consult a premises injury liability attorney in Atlanta. 

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