Filing a Georgia Personal Injury Claim for Truck Driver Negligence (Part A)

Your truck crash may have been caused by a truck driver's negligence, in which case, you can file a Georgia personal injury claim. If you have been involved in a truck accident, you should contact your Decatur truck crash lawyer to consult your case. If you and your Decatur truck crash lawyer find proof of truck driver negligence in your accident, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim.

Examples of Truck Driver Negligence

Common types of truck driver negligence that may make you eligible to file a Georgia personal injury claim for your injuries and damages include: 

  • Traffic violations - truck driver negligence may be shown through traffic violations of speeding, failure to use turn signals, tailgating, swerving, etc. 
  • Improper inspection - failure of a truck driver or tucking company to properly inspect parts of the truck before it takes off on the road is considered truck driver negligence. 
  • Unacceptable cargo loads - trucks that are overloaded and overweight can cause truck drivers to have less control and tip. Unacceptable cargo loads also refer to cargo that was not carefully loaded and is not securely loaded.   
  • Driving on unsafe roads - truck drivers are mandated to wait out bad weather conditions and drive slower around abnormal road conditions. 
  • Disobeying truck driver hours - it is illegal for a truck driver to keep driving if he/she has not rested for the amount of time under government traffic regulations. 
  • Driving under the influence - driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is restricted at all times. 

A Decatur truck crash due to a truck driver's negligence can cause major physical injuries and damages to your vehicle where you might be able to collect compensation through a Georgia personal injury claim. Call your Decatur truck crash lawyer for help in proving truck driver negligence in your case and filing a Georgia personal injury claim.

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