Factors That Can Complicate Your Motorcycle Accident Claim 

No two motorcycle crashes are the same, and the more parties or unique circumstances that are at play, the more complicated your motorcycle accident claim can become. When things are getting too much to handle, you have the right to an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney to help ease some of the burden. 

Some of the things that can delay or complicate your claim include: 

  • multiple parties liable for the accident;
  • manufacturer’s defect suspected to have caused the crash;
  • third party claims;
  • claims against a government entity;
  • lack of evidence;
  • claims filed several months or years after the accident;
  • hit-and-run drivers; and
  • uninsured or underinsured motorists. 

While these are circumstances beyond a typical motorcycle accident claim, they are still somewhat common when it comes to cases of negligence. This is where an attorney can be an invaluable asset for your case. 

Working with an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney Beyond the Basics 

Even if there’s no question that the other driver was completely at fault for your accident and you suffered easily evidenced losses, it’s best to have the guidance of an attorney during the claims process. Insurance companies are reluctant to pay the full value of your settlement from the start and it often takes months of negotiation and even going to court to receive the compensation to which you are entitled. 

Bringing your case to an Atlanta motorcycle attorney from the start can give your case a fighting chance against the tricks of the insurance companies. You need every advantage to receive a full settlement and your attorney will be your number one resource in obtaining a fair resolution to your claim. 

You Can Find Help with an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

We know recovering from a serious accident is a difficult time in your life and your mind is most likely on family and health matters rather than legal issues. As the victim of another’s negligence, you have the right to an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney when filing an injury claim. 

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