Suing for Damages

Not every mistake a psychiatrist makes is grounds for a malpractice suit. To have a viable case, you must be able to establish the following elements.

  • The psychiatrist acted in a way that was not in alignment with the industry’s standard of care. In other words, the doctor was negligent. This is usually established by using the testimony of an unbiased field expert (another psychiatrist) who can validate the psychiatrist in question acted in a way that was sub-standard.
  • The psychiatrist’s negligence was the cause of the patient’s harm.
  • The patient suffered actual injury (or death).

Discussing Your Case with a Psychiatrist Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Your first step to determining if you can recover damages via a medical malpractice claim or suit, you’ll need to have a malpractice attorney assess your case. For legal counsel in Georgia, you are welcome to contact attorney Jason R. Schultz for a free consultation. Contact our office today at 404-474-0804 and schedule your evaluation.

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