If the dog walker was employed by a pet sitting or walking agency, you might be holding the company liable for hiring negligent walkers. 

Independent dog walkers may be liable for the actions of a dog if the owner made them aware of any aggressive behavior and they neglected to keep the dog restrained and controlled while walking near others. However, if the walker is a minor child, you would hold the dog owner liable no matter what because of the age of the walker. 

When the Dog's Owner is Liable for Dog Attacks 

Even though the dog's owner is not in control of or supervising her dog at the time of the attack, she could still be liable for damage the dog does. If he or she owns a breed of dog considered to be dangerous, or if s/he knows the dog has aggressive tendencies or a history of attacks, the owner must make the dog walker or pet sitter aware of this information. 

If you can prove that the dog owner neglected to inform the walker of aggression issues, the owner may be liable for negligence in preventing an attack. 

Getting Help to Determine Liability of Dog Walker for Bite Attack 

When a dog bites you, there are many details to uncover. You need to know who was supposed to be supervising the dog if they were aware of any aggressive behavior, and if negligence played a role in allowing the attack to occur. You may not be able to hold a dog walker liable for your injuries if you intentionally provoke a dog into attacking, no matter who owns or is controlling the dog at the time. 

No matter who is supervising the dog at the date of the attack, you have the right to talk to a dog bite attorney to determine liability for your injuries. The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, P.C. is here to help Georgia residents ascertain the responsibility of a dog walker for a bite they sustained. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for a consultation regarding your legal options after a dog attack: 404-474-0804.

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