Safety Anywhere

Children should start learning about dangers at an early age. Teaching fire safety will help them understand the danger of open flames and typically hot hazards like stoves and ovens.

Make sure you've talked to your child about the dangers of climbing on items that are not designed for climbing to avoid fall injuries. Also, teaching your child that running is an activity for outside in open areas only.

There should be no running in the following areas.

  • Crossing streets
  • Indoors
  • Near hazards like pools

Finally, basic first aid knowledge like what to do for a serious cut, potentially broken bone, or concussion can help your child know when they need to seek help. Older children should have access to a cell phone to call you or 911 for help when they are away from home.

Younger children should memorize your home number and cell numbers, as well as know how and when to call police, EMS and fire rescue.

Child Injuries Can Happen at Any Age: We're Here to Help

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