Georgia Truck Accident Attorney Explains the Gathering of Evidence (Part B)

Recording Devices: Their Role in Truck Accident Claims

On-board recording devices are monitored by the NHTSA, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The requirements for how these devices operate are standardized, but some devices may record different types of information in different ways.

Using a recording device, your Georgia truck accident attorney can prove what affected or caused the accident, including things like:

  • seat belt use;
  • steering angles;
  • engine operation;
  • speed and acceleration;
  • gear changes and clutch use;
  • idle times; and
  • brake use or application.

These different elements could have affected the accident, and having a professional on your side will help you prove fault and utilize this information to the best of your ability. With an Atlanta truck accident attorney, you have a much better chance of making your case.

Logbooks are Evidence of Driver Responsibility

When you can obtain a copy of a logbook, or record of duty status, you can get even more evidence in truck accident claim. This book keeps records of everything the driver does, including how long they drive, where and when they stop, and more.

This can offer significant proof of negligence on the part of the driver or the trucking company, which is evidence that you definitely want to have on your side.

More companies are switching to electronic logbooks, which is a great advantage for victims of truck accidents. If your claim does still involve paper logbooks, you have to be vigilant in collecting the right evidence. Thanks to DOT regulations, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to forge or doctor books.

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