Health InsuranceInsurance is meant to protect you from claims made against you, or to compensate you for losses you suffer – at least that’s the theory. But sometimes, the good faith a person places in their insurance company runs into a brick wall, as the insurance company unreasonably or willfully denies benefits on their perfectly valid claim. This is known as insurance bad faith.

Examples of Bad Faith From an Insurance Company 

One sign that your insurance company is engaging in bad faith is delay tactics in investigating your claim. Document your every contact with the insurance company: dates, times, when paperwork was filed, and so forth. It may come in handy later.

Sometimes, insurance companies play fast and loose with policy language. They put a new spin on existing policy language, or fabricate language out of thin air.

Some insurance companies aren’t above twisting arms to get their way. They may threaten higher rates or cancellation of your policy.

Redundancy is a go-to resource, too. They might claim they never received your paperwork and ask you to resubmit it—numerous times. The goal is not just to delay, but to frustrate you to the point of giving up.

The bad-faith examples listed above merely scratch the surface of tactics that some insurance companies incorporate into everyday practice. The insurance industry is entitled to make a profit (they rake in over $1 trillion in premiums annually), but not to take advantage of policyholders with bad-faith practices.

Contact Our Insurance Attorneys If You Suspect A Company of Bad Faith

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