Why do I need an Atlanta truck accident attorney to handle my case?

There are a number of reasons why you may need an Atlanta truck accident attorney to handle your case involving a collision with a truck. To begin, an Atlanta truck accident attorney is typically the most experienced with cases that involve a passenger car crashing with a large commercial vehicle and all of the resultant complications that arise from such an accident in Georgia.

If you have been injured in a truck crash, you will have a lot of questions concerning liability, your injuries and how you will pay for everything. A truck accident in Georgia is different than a typical motor vehicle accident because there are typically multiple parties that can be held liable.

Truck drivers are employed by companies that are required to follow specific federal and state regulations that may affect the outcome of your case. When you receive the help of an Atlanta truck accident attorney, you will get someone who understands these regulations along with the laws specific to the state of Georgia.

An experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney also knows the type of evidence that will be required to put together a solid truck accident claim. They are also familiar with the types of witnesses and expert testimony that really help to substantiate a truck accident claim.

The truck driver in your accident in Georgia may not be the only one held liable. Liability can also rest with the trucking company if they acted in a negligent manner, such as allowing their truck driver to work beyond the number of hours they are allowed.

An Atlanta truck accident attorney will do a thorough investigation into your case to determine who was negligent and what types of damages you may be entitled to receive.

If you were seriously injured in a truck crash, working with an Atlanta truck accident attorney can offer you a peace of mind that you otherwise might not have as you recover from your injuries.

Contacting an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

As the victim of an accident in Georgia, you have rights that the insurance companies cannot ignore. While they have a team of lawyers working on their side, shouldn't you have experienced legal representation fighting for your best interests? Before accepting any settlement offer, contact the Law Offices of Jason Schultz to schedule a FREE consultation on your case - 404-474-0804.