What parties may be liable in a Georgia truck accident besides the truck driver?

There are several parties that may be held liable for a Georgia truck accident. For example, if the accident was caused by a truck driver who was driving under the influence, then that driver may be held liable for the truck accident.

On the other hand, if a mechanical defect was the cause of the Georgia truck accident, then the manufacturer of the truck, or a manufacturer of its parts, may ultimately be held liable.

Other parties that may be held liable for a Georgia truck accident include: 

  • the owner of the truck;
  • the owner of the truck's cargo;
  • the trucking company which employs the driver (for example, Fed-Ex or UPS, etc.);
  • the company responsible for maintaining the truck; and
  • the driver/owner of another vehicle. 

Typically, when a Georgia truck accident is caused by a commercial truck or van, the company that owns the truck or van will be held liable for the accident. To determine liability after a truck accident, you can seek help from a Clayton County truck accident lawyer.

If you have evidence that was gathered from the scene of your truck crash, then you should immediately give this evidence to your Clayton County truck accident lawyer. Your lawyer can use it to determine liability and build a strong claim on your behalf.

Contacting a Clayton County Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident in Georgia can have devastating consequences. As the victim of a Clayton County truck accident, you have rights that the insurance companies cannot ignore. While they have a team of lawyers working on their side, shouldn't you have experienced legal representation fighting for your best interests? Before accepting any settlement offer, contact the Law Offices of Jason Schultz to schedule a no-cost consultation on your case - 404-474-0804.