A catastrophic injury case is different from the average personal injury case because of the damages involved. Lacerations and broken bones eventually heal, but that is not always true with a catastrophic injury. A catastrophic injury occurs suddenly and severely affects a person for many years or even a lifetime. Most average personal injury cases are not as severe. An Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer can review your case and determine which types of damages may be compensated. 

A catastrophic injury case can involve a severe injury such as brain damage, spinal cord damage, nerve damage, amputation, paralysis, burns and blindness. These injuries require lifelong medical treatment, which can be costly. The compensation that one can receive in such a case is significantly higher. It is not uncommon for millions of dollars to be awarded to victims of catastrophic injuries. That is what makes a catastrophic injury case different from the average personal injury case. 

Also, unlike most personal injury cases, catastrophic injury cases typically are not settled out of court. Because of the high amounts of compensation at risk, insurance companies would rather take their chances in court than try to negotiate a settlement out of court. 

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