Disfigurement from a dog bite may result in scarring around the site of the dog bite or even loss of an appendage such as an ear or finger. Some dog bites can cause significant blood loss, deep cuts, and/or damage to the blood vessels, nerves and muscles in the region.

Victims can be self-conscious of disfigurement caused by a dog bite. It may even interfere with the victim’s ability to perform daily activities, enjoy hobbies, form romantic relationships or work to earn a livelihood. For instance, severe cases of dog bite in the face and neck regions may result in loss of sight, functionality of appendages like arms or legs, or problems with speech.

Recovering Damages Related to Disfiguring Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite disfigurement may require reconstructive plastic surgery in addition to initial treatment required to address dog bite injuries. Physical therapy may be required in some cases if functionality of an appendage must be restored.

Lost wages may be recovered if the injuries keep the victim out of work for a period of time. Emotional damages, such as mental anguish or pain and suffering, could also be sought in a dog attack injury claim. Legal assistance from an attorney can be essential to establish liability as well as damages related to the injuries.

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