There are several questions you may face during a deposition. There is no need to be nervous; just as your attorney can go over what not to say to an insurance adjuster, he will help prepare you and will go over potential deposition questions with you so that you are more comfortable the day of the meeting.

What is a deposition? Why do I have to give one?

A deposition is simple a statement given under oath. The other party may request that you provide a deposition. You will have to appear at a given location and time. At the meeting, both your and the other party’s lawyer will generally be present.

Attorneys use depositions in personal injuries cases for several reasons. They may use them to gather facts and identify strengths and weaknesses in the case.

Sample Deposition Questions

The questions asked will vary, depending upon the details surrounding your case. A few examples of general questions you may face are below.

  • What is the nature of your injuries? Any prognoses? How has the injury affected your life?
  • What types of treatments have you received?
  • What type of injuries have you had in the past?
  • How many claims or lawsuits have you been involved in? What was their nature?
  • Were there witnesses to your accident?
  • What is your job history? Have you ever filed for workers’ compensation?

Be Prepared for Your Deposition

Be forewarned: when you give your deposition, the other party’s attorney will be looking for cracks in your case. He or she will be trying to spot weaknesses so that they have fodder to use against you. In many instances, attorneys may use depositions as evidence in court, so ensure you are fully prepared before attending your meeting.

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