Squeeze play is when a truck making a right turn squeezes the car in the lane behind it against a curb or barrier. If you've ever driven near a semi truck for any length of time you may have noticed that turning is not as simple as it is in a regular passenger vehicle. The unique design and movement of the cab and trailer combination make right turns a bit more difficult, and the maneuver can often be deceiving to nearby drivers.

How a Semi Tractor-Trailer Makes a Right Turn

When a semi truck begins a right turn, the cab often starts to turn left first, positioning the cab slightly in the left lane and the trailer diagonally between the left and center lanes. Diagonally-positioning the cab is done to allow the truck enough room to swing the trailer wide sufficient to make the right turn. Unaware vehicles traveling behind the tractor-trailer may be caught in what is known as 'squeeze play' if they do not drop back in their lane and allow the truck to complete their turn.

Semi trucks weigh thousands of pounds, and the crushing force can completely demolish a small car, causing serious or fatal injuries. To avoid squeeze play truck accidents, never follow a semi truck too closely. Watch for turn signals along the cab and trailer and when you see a truck starting to turn, back off to a safe distance to allow the vehicle to complete the maneuver. Never attempt to speed up and overtake or pass a semi, as they may not be changing to the left lane, but rather preparing for a right turn.

What To Do If You Were Hit By a Trucker

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