What happens to dog after it bites someone? The circumstances matter here. Local and/or state of Georgia dog bite laws may impact the outcome, along with the severity of injuries and other factors.

Potential Consequences after a Dog Bite/Attack

Atlanta Humane Society’s Animal Control office typically quarantines a dog that has bitten or has it tested for rabies by the state laboratory. They will also investigate the matter to determine if a dog should be classified as potentially dangerous or dangerous. Animal control officials can decide whether to return the dog to its owner or have it euthanized.

A judge in a superior court can make the decision to euthanize a dog that has seriously injured someone or presents a danger when a local government authority files a civil action requesting it to be euthanized.

What happens to dog if it bites someone, and the owner was convicted of violations related to the dog? Usually euthanasia is the answer. Examples include keeping a vicious dog (one that inflicts serious injury on someone), failure to restrain properly and allowing a dog to become a public nuisance. Dogs that have caused serious injury on more than one occasion typically will be euthanized.

Keep in mind that each county and city has its own ordinances, which are many times stricter than state dog laws. For instance, what happens to dog if it bites someone and it is considered a vicious breed? Some counties ban certain breeds because of their perceived vicious behavior. Again, euthanasia is often the penance a dog owner must pay.

Importance of Seeking Legal Counsel after a Dog Bite/Attack

Sometimes dog owners are able to avoid liability if it can’t be established the dog was vicious or dangerous at the time of the attack. But there are a variety of ways to show negligence, such as a local ordinance violation or other laws that may apply. So it’s important to consult an attorney to discuss an Atlanta dog bite claim with the lawyers at Jason R. Schulz: (404) 474-0804. 

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