School bullying is an unfortunate reality. The problem with this form of victimization is that it can spiral out of control, possibly leading to violence. It may even be considered a type of psychological child abuse.

According to, bullying is more often verbal and mental abuse than anything else (77 percent of students). About 14 percent of these victims suffer a severe reaction to the bullying. However, it can move into physical abuse.

School Bullying Myths

There are some myths about bullying that could lead to a lack of understanding in adults and others. Some of these myths can make the situation worse or even cause the victim to feel bad.

One myth is that bullying is no different than the normal conflicts in which children and teens may be involved. Conflicts stem from disagreements between people. Bullying is an imbalance in power, where victims are unable or unwilling to defend themselves.

Another myth is that dealing with bullying can make a kid tough or prepare them for the real world. But it may have negative psychological effects on some children that can be detrimental over the long-term.

Finally, some believe that the kids should work it out on their own. By failing to get school officials or parents involved, it is likely to continue and may even worsen in some cases.

Seeking Help from a Personal Injury Attorney in Peachtree City

If your child was seriously injured as a result of bullying, an attorney at the Law Offices of Jason Schultz in Peachtree City can provide consultation. We can go over the case of school bullying or abuse, and who may be liable for damages.