The doctor said my child has signs of lead poisoning. Where might a child come into contact with lead?

When your doctor says your child has signs of lead poisoning, it is important to consider how your child could have been exposed to it. A Newnan child injury attorney can help you through this process. 

There are a number of possible sources of lead exposure for children and it is important that you identify the source of the lead exposure both to prevent further exposure for your child and to take action against the person or entity responsible for exposing your child to lead. 

One possible risk of lead exposure is toys. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), toys that are made in other countries other than the U.S. or antique toys made before 1978 may be a source of lead exposure. 

Lead may be found in both paint on toys and in plastics. While the CDC indicates that lead has not been banned in plastic, when the plastic toy products are exposed to sun or detergents, the bond between the lead and plastic could potentially break down and cause a dust that has dangerous lead content. 

Another possible source of lead exposure is lead paint used in buildings. Many schools, apartments and other public buildings may still be covered in lead paint. Older paint can chip off and, in fact, the New York Department of Health announced that “chipped lead paint is the number one source of lead poisoning.” 

If you are able to identify the source of lead exposure, you may be able to hold the party or parties responsible for exposing your children legally liable and recover damages for the resulting injury. Contact a Newnan child injury attorney for advice on this matter. 

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