Yes, in a multiple party accident, injury claims can be filed by each injured party for damages. Which party who should be filed against and the amount of compensation recoverable depends upon the circumstances surrounding the accident and the insurance policies of the involved persons.

Looking into Recovery Options for a Multiple Party Accident & Injury

When people are injured in an accident, there may be several options available for recovering a settlement. For instance, let’s say several passengers were injured in a car accident, and each wants to be compensated for damages.

Some of the options for recovery are listed below.

  • At-fault driver's liability insurance: the passengers may be able to file a claim against the driver of another vehicle involved who was at fault.
  • Driver's own insurance: drivers and passengers may be able to file against the insurance of the driver, if the driver has appropriate no-fault coverage.
  • Passenger's insurance: if the above two resources are inadequate, passengers who are injured may also be able to file a claim with their own insurance companies if they have the right coverage.

While multiple injured parties can receive a settlement in an accident, one caveat is important to mention. All claim settlements will be limited to the driver’s insurance policy maximums. If the claimants combined damages exceed the insured’s policy limits, they will have to look for alternative sources of restitution.

For example, if more than one party files a liability claim against an at-fault driver, the driver's per accident bodily injury liability coverage will have a cap. In Georgia, drivers must carry bodily injury liability of $25,000 per person injured and $50,000 per accident.

If three other drivers file a claim against one at-fault driver, and each have injury-related damages of $20,000, then all three claims would exceed the $60,000 policy limits.

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