The type of insurance that may come into play during a personal injury claim depends on the type of case but may include health, auto and/or homeowner’s insurance. Another important factor is fault and liability, which helps establish whose insurer must pay for damages.

Health Insurance

Oftentimes when people suffer injuries, they turn to their own health policy for coverage. If someone else was at fault, the insurer may request reimbursement once reaching a settlement in a personal injury claim.

Let's say someone underwent surgery and after getting discharged experiences serious complications. It takes several doctor appointments and diagnostic tests to determine the source. Eventually the patient discovers that the surgeon left behind an instrument. The additional medical bills initially get paid by the health insurer. But the insurer may recover those costs after you settle the claim against the surgeon’s medical malpractice insurance.

Auto Insurance

This type of insurance comes into play when involved in a traffic accident. If someone else caused the crash, his/her insurer pays for accident-related costs. But if you were at fault, the claim gets submitted to your own insurer if you have appropriate coverage.

Sometimes more than one insurance company gets involved. This can happen when two or more drivers contributed to the collision.

Homeowner's Insurance

If the personal injury claim stems from injuries that occurred on someone's property, homeowner's insurance may kick in. But that depends on proving the owner's negligence, along with having the appropriate type of coverage.

Another type of claim where homeowner's insurance may play a role is a claim following a dog bite or attack. Some policies exclude these types of injuries, so it's important to read terms and exclusions.

How an Attorney Can Help With the Insurance Company

Whatever the type of insurance in a personal injury claim, dealing with the insurance company can cause a lot of stress and confusion. Secure legal representation when filing a personal injury claim. Call the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz in Peachtree City to set up a consultation: 404-474-0804.