How does homeowners liability insurance work?

Homeowners liability insurance can pay for damages as a result of physical injuries sustained on the owner’s property. Insurance could help cover various expenses from medical bills to property damage depending on the amount of damages and coverage.

Overview of Homeowners Liability Insurance Coverage

When someone has been invited or allowed on a person’s property, there can be the potential for injuries. Examples include a dog bite or a slip and fall accident resulting from conditions on the property.

The amount of coverage is generally set at a minimum of $100,000 but it may be purchased in higher amounts. Of course, more coverage means more protection. This also means that if damages were to exceed policy limits, the owner might have to pay the rest out of his/her own pocket if the injured party files a lawsuit.

If a claim or lawsuit is filed against an owner because of an accident on his/her property, this is where accident liability on homeowners insurance coverage kicks in. This coverage can cover medical-related costs that could include hospital and doctor bills, physical therapy and more. Property damage and other expenses may be covered, too.

When It May Become Necessary to Seek Legal Counsel

Even with homeowner’s insurance, there may be circumstances in which it would be beneficial to talk to an attorney if injured on someone else’s property despite the homeowner's insurance coverage.

Let’s say a child is playing at the neighbor’s house and falls off the trampoline, sustaining a severe head injury. If the bills run into the hundreds of thousands and the owner’s insurance isn’t adequate to cover this, it would be a good idea to seek legal counsel. The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz can assist with a premises liability claim against a homeowner's liability insurance as well as a lawsuit if necessary.