What is the firm’s communication policy?

Lawyers are very busy; however, that does not mean that your lawyer should leave you hanging for days at a time.

Before you sign on with a lawyer, ask what the firm’s communication policy is. Consider asking the following:

  • Will you receive updates each week or only if something happens in your case?
  • How long will it take for the lawyer to get back to you?
  • Will you be in touch with the lawyer directly or with a paralegal?
  • Is it best to contact the firm through email or over the phone?

You want a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable. You should be able to sit down with your lawyer and ask any question about your case. It is better to ask a question than to worry about things. Communication is necessary for the attorney-client relationship to work best. We welcome your questions and any input you may have about your personal injury claim.

Are there other benchmarks of a good personal injury lawyer?

Yes. A highly qualified personal injury lawyer often has these accomplishments:

Are there online resources for finding a personal injury lawyer?

Yes. In addition to directories like Martindale-Hubbell and associations like Georgia Super Lawyers, there are other helpful online resources for finding a personal injury lawyer:

Armed with all the information in this FAQ, you should now be better prepared to find and choose the right lawyer to handle your personal injury case. But do not stop reading yet. We have one more resource for you.

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