Slips and Falls

Some people fall when getting on and off an escalator or moving from one step to the next. Children and the elderly are especially prone to this type of accident. Slip and fall accidents on escalators occur because of broken steps, sudden stoppage, or change in the direction of the steps.


Entrapment occurs when a part of the body becomes caught in the escalator mechanism. Children are especially prone to finger entrapment due to their small hands. It is also important to note that entrapment does not always have to include a body part. Personal effects (e.g., hair, clothing, shoes, shoelaces) may also become lodged in the space between stationary siding and moving steps.

Who Is Responsible for Escalator Injuries?

Many escalator accidents occur due to the negligence of one or more parties, such as the escalator manufacturer, maintenance company, or even a mall or shopping center where the escalator is located. This negligence may include:

  • Poor design or using defective parts during the manufacturing process
  • Property owners and maintenance personnel’s failure to perform routine maintenance on the escalator
  • Property owners’ and repairmen’s failure to fix faulty machinery within a reasonable amount of time.

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