Following that, the same types of information would be necessary to prove the most recent injury is related to the accident.

What if the current accident worsened a pre-existing injury?

It’s also possible that a pre-existing injury is aggravated because of an accident. This becomes a bigger challenge to prove, but it doesn’t mean you can’t recover compensation if your current accident worsened a previous injury. Again, medical records are important to compare the past and most recent injury.

For instance, records from a previous injury may indicate you suffered a herniated disc, and that it was treated to relieve your pain. Your current records may indicate that you reinjured the disc.

Sometimes a medical expert will be called upon to compare medical records, explain how the current accident worsened the previous injury, or to establish the difference between an old injury and a new one.

Because of the complexity involved in these types of cases, if you suffered serious injuries and/or there are disputes concerning pre-existing injuries, seek legal advice. Attorney Jason R. Schultz in Peachtree City can explain how to protect your rights, establish your injuries are not pre-existing, and/or establish the effects of your accident on a pre-existing injury. Call 404-474-0804 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

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