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If I was victim of a dog attack on property that had warning signs about the dog, can I still file a claim?


There are numerous factors that pertain to dog bite lawsuits, and the existence of posting signs is only one of them. Even if you were victim of a dog attack on property that had signs posted, you may still be able to file a dog bite claim for damages if the owner was negligent in some other manner.

What You Must Prove to File a Claim for a Dog Attack on Property

While some states require victims prove only one element in order to recover damages related to a dog bite, Georgia requires two or three, depending upon the circumstances.

OCGA § 51-2-7 provides two ways that the victim and his/her attorney can prove the owner should be liable for damages.

  • Dangerous dog – one option of substantiating a dog bite claim is to prove that the dog was dangerous or vicious, the owner knew about the dog’s tendencies, and the owner failed to properly manage and contain the dog.
  • Dog at large – the other option is to prove that the animal was not leashed as per the local leash ordinance and the owner carelessly managed the dog or allowed it roam free. For instance, Peachtree City’s leash law provides that owners must keep their dogs on a leash at all times when off their property. If the dog was not properly restrained and attacked you, the owner can be liable for damages.

Dangerous Dogs in Georgia

Georgia law requires all owners who keep dangerous dogs to obtain a certificate of registration. Two of the legal requirements for dangerous dog owners include keeping the dog enclosed and having clearly visible warning signs where the dog resides. Even if the owner had a sign, if the dog was not securely confined, you may still be able to file a dog bite lawsuit.

Get Help from a Dog Bite Attorney after a Dog Attack on Property

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