City of Atlanta's Leash Law

In addition, the city of Atlanta also has a leash law on its books. These specific laws pertain to the allowance of dogs in public areas overseen by the city, such as city parks. Under Section 110-70 of the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances, dogs are not permitted without leashes and an accompanying competent individual in city parks.

An exception to the Atlanta leash law occurs when the park (or an area within it) in question has been designated as an "off-leash area" for dogs. In these areas, dogs may run free without leashes.

City Cracking Down on Unleashed Dogs

The city of Atlanta has announced a crackdown on dogs without leashes. In response to concerns from residents about dogs roaming the parks unsupervised and uncontrolled, the city may cite individuals who own dogs that are found to be off their leashes in these public areas. Dogs are only allowed to be off their leash when in the designated fenced areas at Piedmont Park and South Bend Park, the two designated dog parks.

Unleashed Dogs Lead to Dog Bites

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