What are some of the most common signs of daycare abuse?

The signs of daycare abuse for children vary according to the type of abuse and the child’s developmental stage and tendencies. Sadly, over 900,000 children in America fall victim to abuse and neglect each year, and childcare centers reportedly only about 9,000 cases, according to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System.

Common Signs of Daycare Abuse in Children

There are three major types of abuse, each with distinct symptoms and signs.

  • Physical abuse – physical abuse is often the easiest to recognize. Signs include unexplained bruising, frequent bruises, marks that look like blows from an object, dental injuries, head injuries, bald spots, changes in behavior, complaints of soreness, adult-sized bite marks, burns, and welts.
  • Sexual abuse – signs of sexual abuse include difficulty walking or sitting, frequent urinary tract infections; yeast infections; bruising, bleeding, or discharge in the genital or anal areas; gagging; torn underwear; regressive behaviors; nightmares; and other behavioral changes.
  • Psychological abuse – this type of abuse involves belittling, rejecting, isolating, terrorizing, or ignoring a child. Signs include changes in eating habits, self-abusive behavior, sleep disturbances, bedwetting, ulcers, extremes in behavior, depression or overly emotional, the development of a habit (biting, rocking back and forth, etc.), and withdrawal.

Getting Help if You Notice Signs of Daycare Abuse

Your child has a right to safety and wellbeing. You expect that your child’s physical, emotional, educational, social, and developmental needs will be met when in daycare. It’s a horrible shame and a sickening experience for parents when they notice signs of daycare abuse.

If you suspect your child has been abused, contact the local child protective services to report it. You may also wish to contact an attorney to discuss any legal avenues you may have available.

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