When it comes to purchasing a motorcycle helmet in Peachtree City, the last thing to consider should be fashion. Sure, novelty motorcycle helmets with horns or mohawks are cool, but if they're not up to the proper safety standards, they could be putting your life at risk.

According to Georgia law, all motorcycle riders must wear a helmet that meets the standards as set by the Georgia Commissioner of Public Safety. The Commissioner has set its standards to mirror those of the Code of Federal Regulations.

While there is no rule explicitly stating that a novelty helmet is illegal, there are rules in the federal regulations that prohibit the after-market modification of the helmet. This means that if you purchase a DOT-compliant helmet, you cannot modify it in any way including attaching decorations, cutting or removing parts.

In the end, it's best to simply buy a pre-decorated helmet at a retail store with the appropriate DOT compliancy labels. That is the only way to ensure you are getting the recommended standard of protection from your helmet.

Don't Let Details Like Helmet Decorations Ruin Your Injury Claim

A common defense tactic in motorcycle accident claims is where the defendant claims the motorcyclist was being reckless, such as not wearing a helmet or wearing one that is unsafe. It is possible that the defense may describe your choice of helmet as a sign of recklessness. However, a competent lawyer should be able to place fault where it belongs.

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