The damages you can recover for your infected dog bite depend on:

  • The severity of the infection itself (e.g., a skin infection will likely recover less than a case of sepsis);
  • How the infection has affected you;
  • The treatments you have undergone

Each dog bite infection claim is different but you can expect to recover the following:

Immediate Medical Bills

A dog bite infection can leave you in the hospital for days, or even weeks, which can cause the costs to skyrocket. You can recover all immediate medical bills related to your dog bite infection such as:

  • Emergency room or urgent care center bills
  • The cost of your hospital stay
  • Cost of dressings and ointments to use at home
  • Medications
  • Antibiotics for the infection
  • Any surgeries necessary (e.g., some infections require amputation of a limb)

Follow-up Treatments

You can also recover compensation for the expenses of follow-up treatment, such as regular appointments or plastic surgery to modify scars and other types of disfigurement.

We will clearly establish the link between the follow-up treatment and the dog bite infection.

Lost Wages

In many cases, a dog bite infection will require time in the hospital or, at the very least, a few follow-up visits. If you missed work because of a dog bite infection, we will ensure your settlement offer includes any wages and benefits you lost.

If your dog bite infection required you to take a lesser-paying job or retire completely, we will ensure your settlement covers all these losses.

Ongoing Issues

It is not uncommon for people to suffer nerve damage or long-term damage to skin, muscles, connective tissue, and even bones or organs after a dog bite infection. Since dog bite infections can attack the nervous system or the entire body, the long-term harm can be significant and life-changing. You might face neurological damage, paralysis, or cognitive impairment. A high fever caused by the infection can also have similar effects.

If you are suffering disabling or restrictive effects from a dog bite infection, we will demand compensation for those effects. If you are unable to work or must take a lesser paying job due to your dog bite infection, we include these losses in your demand.

These are real consequences that can mean your life will never be the same. You are not limited to only compensation for the initial medical treatment if you have suffered long-term harm as a result of a dog bite infection. These long-term damages will be part of your injury claim.

Emotional Damages

We will also demand emotional damages if your dog bite or dog bite infection caused you substantial pain and suffering or keeps you from enjoying life the way you did before.

Wrongful Damages

Infections from a dog bite can be fatal. If your loved one died from a dog bite infection, we will demand compensation for:

  • Funeral and burial or cremation costs
  • Loss of income and work benefits
  • Loss of support and services
  • Loss of guidance, consortium, and community
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering

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