Yes, you can file a medical malpractice suit against a doctor who is a specialist, such as an urologist or physical therapist. Any professional who provides negligent medical care or treatment that causes serious injuries could potentially be held liable by a Peachtree City malpractice lawyer in a Georgia medical negligence case.

Standard of Care for Medical Specialists

There is an expected standard of care that all medical professionals are held to when providing care or treatment. The standard of care means that the doctor should address a medical condition, perform a procedure, or make rational decisions in a manner expected of other reasonable professionals. Anytime a healthcare provider is careless or reckless in his or her treatment, it could result in a patient filing a medical malpractice suit against the doctor.

When the Standard of Care Is Violated

If the standard of care is violated, it can be considered medical negligence, and could be the basis for filing a lawsuit. An example would be a specialist who fails to warn a patient of potential serious side effects of a surgery that requires the patient’s informed consent.

Had the patient been informed of serious side effects, he or she might have elected to not undergo the surgery. A doctor may not be required to inform of every single risk, but if other reasonable doctors would have disclosed of the risk or the disclosure would have led a reasonable patient to make a different decision, it may be considered negligent not to have disclosed a particular risk.

Another example is a physical therapist who uses improper techniques during a therapy session. If this causes a patient’s injury or the condition to become worse, such as resulting in permanent disability, this might be considered a violation of the standard of care.

Violations of the standard of care that may be considered medical negligence can also include misdiagnosis, overdose of medicine, misreading test results, and a host of other careless or reckless mistakes.

Consult a Peachtree City Malpractice Lawyer for Help with a Georgia Case

The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz might be able to assist with determining the validity of a claim. A Peachtree City malpractice lawyer can help Georgia clients evaluate the circumstances surrounding the act of negligence and explain the legal options that could be available to file a medical malpractice suit against the doctor.