After being injured in a truck accident in Georgia, I wanted to know: does the law limit how many hours a truck driver can drive per day?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set forth a standard guideline for truck driver hours that most states, including Georgia, have adopted to regulate the time drivers can operate between resting periods. If you have been in a truck accident in Georgia the driver may have violated the FMCSA regulations. A Fayetteville truck accident attorney can help you develop the evidence of this negligence for your case.

The truck driver hour FMCSA regulations apply to all truck drivers who drive a commercial truck carrying property with minor exceptions. As of 2010 the general truck driver hour limit is 14 consecutive hours driving time with a 10 consecutive hour off-duty period. Legislation was proposed in December 2010 to alter the FMCSA regulations and is in a review period until March 2011.

Because the regulations are subject to changes it is important to have a Fayetteville truck accident attorney with experience in resolving claims for a truck accident in Georgia. When legislation changes, it may affect your injury claim, so it's important your Fayetteville truck accident attorney is up to date on the current FMCSA regulations and commercial trucking laws regarding truck driver hours.

The truck driver hours can be an important factor in filing an injury claim for your truck accident in Georgia. If the driver neglected to follow the FMCSA regulations their negligence can be used to prove their fault in your truck accident in Georgia. Proving this negligence can be difficult to do as you will need to access their operation log book and know the FMCSA regulations to determine if they violated the limits for truck driver hours.

Contacting a Fayetteville Truck Accident Attorney

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