Your Rights as a Renter in Georgia

Jason R. Schultz
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Renters in Peachtree City have both responsibilities and rights. Before signing a lease, it’s important to understand some of those renters’ rights.

Repair and Deduct

As we mentioned in our article about renters’ options if a landlord doesn’t make repairs, a tenant can have repairs made and deduct the cost from rent if the landlord fails to make them. A qualified and licensed person must fix the problem. Keep in mind the landlord must have received notice and had a reasonable amount of time to make the repairs.

Constructive Eviction

As we note in the article mentioned above, renters can stop paying rent and move out if a landlord doesn’t make repairs and the unit is uninhabitable. It must require more than ordinary repairs; for instance, a unit destroyed by a natural disaster such as flooding.

Concerns about Safety

If the risk of injury is foreseeable because of safety concerns, the landlord must take care of it. An example would be a parking lot with outside lights that don't work. A dark parking lot could lead to trip, slip and falls by tenants and guests.

Let's say the landlord fails to address the issue and as a result a tenant suffers injuries from an attack in the parking lot. The landlord could be liable for damages.

Threats to Health and Safety

Georgia law views certain conditions as threatening to a tenant's health and safety, which could mean the premises are unfit for living, some examples include:

  • uncleanliness;
  • structural defects; and
  • lack of adequate ventilation.

The city or county can take different measures to address these conditions. For instance, the landlord may have to make repairs or close the property.

If you suffer injury because a landlord was negligent and didn’t provide a safe property on which to live, you may file a liability claim. If you’re in or around Peachtree City, call Jason R. Schultz at 404-474-0804 to set up a consultation with a lawyer.

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