Why You Need Maintenance Records for a Premises Liability Case

Jason R. Schultz
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In a premises liability case, maintenance records may prove to be very important evidence. If you are a customer at a restaurant, retail store, or other commercial location where you were invited to do business, the owner or operator of the commercial establishment owes you a very high duty of care. You are classified under the law as an invitee and the owner or operator must inspect the premises regularly to make it safe of dangers or to warn you of any dangers that exist. 

Since part of the duty of a commercial storeowner is regular inspection of the premises, records from the store’s inspections and maintenance can become very important. If a store had no practices in place for regular inspections and for correcting problems that developed, this can be used as evidence against the establishment in a premises liability case. Without regular inspections and repairs, the store may be considered in breach of its duty and thus liable for any injuries that resulted from this negligent breach. 

Because maintenance records are in the possession of the commercial establishment, you may need assistance from a personal injury attorney in Peachtree City to get evidence from the potential defendant. Your personal injury attorney in Peachtree City can help obtain the evidence you need through the civil discovery process. This may involve assisting with filing a motion with the court to require the owner turns over the information on store maintenance, inspections and repairs. 

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