Proving truck driver fatigue can be a challenge in some cases. An attorney can explain the types of evidence that may be necessary for your case. 

Evidence in a Crash Caused by Truck Driver Fatigue 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found in a study that fatigue is one of the top ten factors associated with truck crashes. In many cases, truckers who experience fatigue behind the wheel have gone over the mandated number of hours that a commercial vehicle can be driven. 

One way to prove this is by obtaining the driver’s logbook, which keeps track of hours spent on the road. But if the logbook appears to be inaccurate, it could be a misrepresentation of driving time. If the logbook is missing or was destroyed, it may be an attempt to cover the driver’s tracks. 

Other ways you may be able to prove that the allowable number of hours was exceeded are through receipts, tickets or bills given at each location a delivery was made. If times are stamped on these, you may be able to figure out how long it took to travel between each location. 

Proving negligence is important if you were injured in a crash, and truck driver fatigue may be one possible factor indicating the driver was negligent.  

Contacting Personal Injury Attorneys in Atlanta 

For help with your case, call the Law Offices of Jason Schultz at 404-474-0804. We can help collect evidence if you believe your crash was caused by truck driver fatigue.

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