Types of Compensation You Can Collect for a Permanently Disabling Injury from a Truck Accident

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It can be a long road to recovery for Peachtree City drivers injured in a truck crash. It can be life-altering for those permanently disabled from the truck accident. Faced with mounting medical bills, no or reduced income, and an uncertain future, victims and their families may wonder how they’ll ever get out from underneath the financial burden.

Compensation When a Truck Accident Results in Permanent Disability

According to the National Safety Council, in 2009 the average cost of a nonfatal disabling injury was $68,100. Some of the factors taken into account include productivity losses (e.g. wages, fringe benefits), medical costs, administrative expenses (e.g. legal costs), and property damage. 

These costs/losses are usually factored into a personal injury claim. However, there are additional forms of compensation that claimants may also seek when pursuing a claim.

For instance, when considering the medical bills incurred it’s important to figure in future expenses. Let’s say an individual is paralyzed and will eventually need a wheelchair or modifications to the home. In some cases, injuries may necessitate ongoing physical therapy or additional surgeries.

The value of a claim isn’t just based on actual losses or costs incurred. It’s also necessary to figure out the worth of a permanently disabling injury. The claim may account for mental anguish and the psychological effects suffered such as anxiety or depression. It might also account for reduced quality of life, in that the individual is unable to perform daily tasks (or needs assistance) and can no longer enjoy certain activities such as sports.

Permanent disability from truck accidents costs a victim and the family not only financially but physically and emotionally. If someone else’s negligent actions caused your accident in Peachtree City and you plan to bring an injury claim or lawsuit, be sure to check out our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in Georgia – The Truth About Your Injury Case.

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