It can be a daunting task to file a liability claim against a big truck manufacturer, but when a defective truck or component causes a truck accident in which you are seriously injured, you have a right to seek justice. The good news is that you also have the right to work with an Atlanta truck accident attorney to prove liability in your case. 

Mechanical errors and equipment failure can cause the truck driver to lose control, which often results in hazardous situations. If you are injured in this type of crash, you need to provide evidence that the manufacturer of the truck was negligent in ensuring the safety of their product. 

To prove truck manufacturer liability, you must show that there was a design flaw or manufacturing defect that caused the truck accident. Your attorney also may need to help you furnish evidence that the defect should have been identified and handled in a recall notice. 

If there was a recall notice issued for that truck, further liable parties may come into play. If the trucking company failed to act on the recall, or if a dealership continued to sell a defective model, these parties also may be held liable in your lawsuit. 

When holding a party liable for your truck accident, you need to provide solid evidence of their negligence. If you do not hold the proper parties liable for your damages, you may be missing out on rightful compensation for the injuries and expenses you sustain after a serious crash.  

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There’s often more to a truck accident than just the drivers of the vehicles involved. In some cases, it may not be fully the truck driver’s fault – the trucking company or the truck manufacturer may be liable for the events that caused your injuries. 

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