A truck accident involving a tractor trailer and a garbage truck on Georgia highway 11 close to the Newton County/Social Circle border pushed both vehicles into a roadside ditch. Both the driver of the tractor trailer and the garbage truck were rushed to the hospital with injuries.

The garbage truck was attempting to make a turn into a driveway on the afternoon of February 27th. The tractor trailer which was following behind was unable to slow down in time to avoid the garbage truck. The tractor trailer crashed into the smaller truck, and the impact ripped apart the front portion of the tractor trailer. No other vehicles were involved in the accident. Some fuel from the tractor trailer spilled into the highway, and emergency crews were rushed to clean up the spill.

It appears that the tractor trailer driver was either speeding or following too close to the garbage truck. A tractor trailer is a massive vehicle weighing tens of thousands of pounds, and this makes it harder for a vehicle to slow down in case of an emergency. In fact, it takes up to twice as long for a tractor trailer to slow down or halt as it does for a smaller passenger vehicle. That's why it's so important that tractor trailers avoid tailgating, and keep some distance between their rig and the vehicles in front.

Speeding is particularly foolish for large truck drivers. Slowing the vehicle becomes even harder in emergency or non emergency situations and the consequences can be disastrous. An eighty (80) thousand pound tractor trailer can easily crush smaller vehicles and the occupants inside are exposed to the significant risk of serious injury.

Speeding also leads to jackknife situations that can trigger a series of multi vehicle collisions when passenger car drivers in the vicinity panic, and attempt to avoid the big rig. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to a speeding tractor-trailer, contacts an Atlanta truck accident lawyer immediately for a free consultation.
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