Top 3 Tips to Consider when Suing a Restaurant Chain for Your Injuries

Jason R. Schultz
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If you were injured at a restaurant chain and are looking into your legal options, there are a few things to consider before launching into a lawsuit. Below are three tips that might helpful.

Only Pursue Genuine Claims with Considerable Injuries or Damage

Is your case worth pursuing? Is it worth the time and effort you will expend going through the ligation process? Filing a suit is all fine all and well, provided it’s legitimate and the value of your damage is substantial. You should have your case evaluated by an attorney to determine its value and viability before taking any legal action.

Hold the Appropriate Party Responsible

Do you know who should be named as the defendant in your case? It might be the owner of chain in which you were injured (franchisee), or it might be the owner/overseer of the chain as a whole (franchisor). The liable party depends upon the franchise’s specific contractual agreement. Your attorney can look into the particulars and determine the correct party to sue.

Document Evidence

Having adequate evidence to support your claim is very important. Keep track of all your doctor’s appointments, treatments, and doctor’s notes and prognoses. Keep receipts for everything related to your injury, as well as an injury journal to document progress of your injury and how it is affecting you daily life.

Free Consult with a Restaurant Injury Attorney in Atlanta

If you were injured at a restaurant in Atlanta, contact the Law Office of Jason Schultz for a free legal consultation. We can evaluate your case, determine liability, and then help you obtain the compensation for which you’re eligible. Call us today at 404-474-0804 to schedule your consult.

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