Top 10 No-Nonsense Pool Safety Tips

Pools are a great place for adults and kids alike to kick back, get some vitamin D, and have fun. Still, there are real hazards present to be mindful of when getting your R&R or taking the family to the pool.

The following safety advice has been gleaned from Jason R. Schultz’s 20+ years’ experience helping pool injury victims, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the American National Red Cross. Before hitting the pool, take a look at this pool safety info from our premises liability blog.

Pool Safety Tips for Everyone

  • Never swim alone, and of course never leave children unattended when they are at or access to the pool.
  • If you or anyone in your family can’t swim, take the time to learn. Many gyms, public pools, and American National Red Cross centers offer swim lessons.
  • Don’t run near the pool: if you wear flip-flops, make sure they have no-skid soles.
  • If your kids are at the pool, keep them under constant supervision. Try to avoid distractions while watching them.
  • Lather up with a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15. Use waterproof varieties and reapply often.
  • Consider enrolling in a home pool safety, water safety, first aid, and CPR/AED courses to learn how to prevent and respond to emergencies.
  • Teach your children pool safety tips: make sure kids stay away from entrapments, such as pool drains and pipes.
  • If you own a pool, make sure it’s completely closed off with a gate that no children can enter. “Many children who drown in home pools were out of sight for less than five minutes and in the care of one or both parents at the time,” explains the Red Cross.
  • Create a pool safety kit: things to always have around include a first aid kit, a pair of scissors to cut hair, clothing, a pool cover; a cell phone; and a flotation device.
  • Use some of the freely available pool safety materials offered by the CPSC. Some of the items include Pool Safety Water Watcher Cards, videos, bookmarks, interactive games, tattoos, posters, PSAs, brochures, and safety tip sheets.

When You’ve been Hurt at a Pool

If you or your loved one was hurt at a pool, you'd want to speak to a lawyer about your legal options about obtaining compensation for your injuries. For an established premises liability lawyer in Georgia, contact the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz today at 404-474-0804 for a free consultation.

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