When an accident in Georgia causes catastrophic injury, recovery doesn’t merely take days or weeks. In fact, even with ongoing therapy and long-term care, the effect of a catastrophic injury can be felt for the rest of your life. When you or a loved one is facing this reality because of the actions of another person — whether he or she was behind the wheel of a car, on the job at a construction site, or even failed to restrain an aggressive pet — you may have options for compensation in Coweta County. An injury attorney can talk to you about the specifics, including how some of the long-lasting effects of a catastrophic injury can be factored into a personal injury claim.  

Here are some of the long lasting effects of catastrophic injuries: 

  • Spinal cord injury – This injury can result in permanent nerve damage in the legs, arms and torso, and in some cases, paralysis.
  • Traumatic brain injury – This injury can cause memory and vision loss, as well as sensory problems with taste, touch and smell, in addition to speech problems, chronic headaches and more.
  • Burns – Third degree burns usually require multiple surgeries and skin grafts. Permanent scarring and loss of movement can occur with severe skin loss.
  • Crush and fall injuries – Multiple surgeries and months of rehab can result when bones are crushed or broken in numerous places. In some places, function of the limb is lost or amputation is necessary. 

Unfortunately, those injuries and their effects on victims are just a few possible scenarios after a serious accident in Coweta County. When you talk with a catastrophic injury attorney about your options for compensation, keep in mind that if you have sustained a catastrophic injury, you may even be able to file for damages for things like mental and emotional anguish that can’t necessarily be quantified in a set dollar amount. 

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