Georgia dog bite laws dictate that a dog owner may be liable for injuries and damages caused by a dangerous or vicious dog in a dog bite or attack. That being said, there are some exceptions to the rule, such as in regards to where the dog attack took place. 

In Georgia, a dog has the right to defend its property. This means if a person is bitten while intruding on the dog's yard or home, the case for liability may become more complicated. There can be several challenges to a dog bite claim filed when the victim was present on the dog's property.

Some of the common questions that may be asked in this situation include:

  • Did the victim have a right to be on the dog's property (i.e. was he/she trespassing)?
  • Was the victim provoking the dog in any way?
  • Was the dog properly restrained at the time of the attack?
  • Were there warnings about the dog posted on the property?
  • Does the dog have a history of vicious behavior?

The answers to these questions will help form the evidence in your dog bite claim. In addition, physical evidence of the attack will also be important. Photographs of the location of the attack may be of great help, as it may support your claim that you were attacked by the dog without provocation.

When photographing the location of the dog attack, make sure you capture any signs of damaged restraints, such as broken fences or frayed leashes, and make note of the presence of warning signs, or lack thereof. If possible, recreate the scene of the attack to show approximate distances from you to the dog prior to and during the attack.

Providing evidence of the location of the dog bite attack is just one of the steps in proving liability for a dog bite claim. Working with a dog bite attorney can help make preparing the rest of your dog bite claim easier so you can focus on recovery.

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