Stairway injuries can be serious and can lead to ongoing pain, hospital bills, and loss of employment. When tenants are injured on the property they rent, they often wonder if they can sue their landlords. In many cases, the answer is yes, provided the landlord knew of, or should have known of, the hazard and failed to correct it.

In America, all tenants – if you pay rent you’re a tenant – are entitled to safe, clean and livable housing. This means that you should have access to drinkable water, a roof that doesn’t leak, and common spaces that are safe. Shared stairways are among the areas known as a common space because they are often used by multiple tenants.

Bringing a Suit Against Your Landlord For a Stair Injury

If the staircases at your building are in disrepair, your first step should be to alert your landlord. If doing so has failed to get a response, or you or a loved one has already been hurt, you need to look at your legal options.

Your landlord is expected to keep your residence at a reasonable standard of repair, and if he or she fails to do so and someone gets hurt, then premises liability law comes into play. Your landlord may be held liable for your injuries, pain and suffering and you may be entitled to compensation.

Each case is unique, so contact a personal injury attorney to find out just how premises liability law applies to your situation. Even if you pay low rent and/or live in an older building, you still have the same rights as anyone else.

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