Steps You Should Take after a Dog Bite

The steps you take after a dog attack may significantly impact your ability to recover compensation. Doing the right things can help protect your rights.

What to Do after a Dog Bite

One of the first things you should do is get contact information. If the dog’s owner was present at the time, get a name, phone number and address. And if there were any witnesses to the incident, get their information as well. You will also want to try to identify the dog, if possible.

If you don’t know who the dog belongs to, write down a description of it:

  • breed;
  • color;
  • size; and
  • any other distinguishing marks or features.

Seeking medical attention is critical. Even what may appear to be minor cuts or puncture wounds can get infected. You will also need the doctor to document your injuries from the attack.

Have someone take pictures of your wounds. This can help demonstrate the physical harm you have suffered as a result of the bite or attack.

Finally, make sure you hire a dog bite attorney in Atlanta if the injuries are serious. You could be entitled to compensation. 

Contacting a Dog Bite Attorney in Atlanta

The Law Offices of Jason Schultz is here to help. Call 404-474-0804 to speak with a dog bite attorney in Atlanta. 

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