Signs of a Major Concussion


With a more severe concussion some of the same signs can manifest but they will be more significant:

  • headache - is persistent, won’t go away with over the counter medications;
  • vomiting – frequent rather than intermittent, hard to hold food down;
  • confusion – won’t go away, family members become concerned; and/o
  • unconsciousness - prolonged.

The following are some additional signs that could indicate a concussion is major:

  • seizures;
  • muscle weakness;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • dilated pupils; and
  • difficulty walking.

When it’s Time to See a Doctor

It’s always a good idea to see a doctor if you struck your head in an accident, even if the injury appears minor. But there could also be specific signs that an accident victim needs immediate medical attention, such as symptoms that get worse or don’t go away. If there are substantial changes physically, emotionally, cognitively or behaviorally, victims should also seek medical help. 

Concussions are one of the most common types of head injuries to sustain in a truck accident. Although many people assume this isn’t a serious injury, that isn’t always the case. So it’s important to understand the extent and severity of damage so that appropriate medical treatment can be received.

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