SunbatherThe cosmetics industry is thriving in this nation and worldwide. Total revenues are expected to exceed $265 billion for 2017. Consumers are all in when it comes to shampoos and other haircare products, skin-care items, and makeup, but many lack awareness of some key points.

Currently, cosmetics manufacturers are under no legal obligation to report health problems associated with their products to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They also are not required to conduct tests demonstrating product safety and effectiveness. In addition, cosmetic products can also be put on store shelves without undergoing a premarket approval process.

Unregulated Ingredients In Skincare Products

Bottom line, the cosmetics industry is largely unregulated, which means consumers’ health may be jeopardized by harmful chemicals contained in their beauty products. To be fair, the FDA does restrict the use of certain ingredients, and they may intervene in the most egregious instances of misleading labels and poor quality, but it’s largely up to consumers to report problems to get the FDA’s attention.

Check product labels for the following potentially harmful ingredients:

Formaldehyde (preservative).

A cancer link exists with topical applications on mice, which may or may not translate to humans.
Most reputable agencies consider formaldehyde a carcinogen.


This ingredient is known to cause skin, eye, mouth, and lung irritation. Again, a cancer link has been found in laboratory mice, but no definitive link to cancer in humans has been established.


Used to prevent bacterial growth, parabens are absorbed through the skin and mimic estrogen, which can throw off hormonal
balance, possibly triggering breast cancer and reproductive issues. The FDA believes low-level usage is safe and therefore hasn’t banned parabens.

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